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                                                      DEPARTMENT OF LIBRARY

     The library is centrally located and established in the year 1978. The Library is well ventilated with adequate facilities. It is one of the richest libraries in this area having 20370 books including Textbooks, Reference books, encyclopedia, Dictionaries, etc on various subjects. The library regularly subscribes more than 27 national and international journals and periodicals.

        Some of the reader friendly prominent features of the library are:

  1. A rich collection of books:- 20370 books including Reference books, Textbooks Encyclopedia, Dictionaries, Year Books, Rare books etc. on various subjects and areas.

  2. Journals & Magazines:-Library subscribes around 27 national and International journals & Magazines devoted to various subjects and general interest.

  3. E-resources:- All N-LIST Open Access Resources on various Subject are available in the library, and 29 CDs also available

  4. Bound volumes:-The library is having more than 257 bound volumes of Journals.

  5. Enhance Reference Collections:-the reference sections have books, Dictionaries, encyclopedias and year book etc are available. This facility is optimum, is used by teachers, U.G. & PG students and interested reader from the college and nearby areas.

  6. Computerized Services:- Library is providing Digitized  services such as  OPAC, Issuing of books with the help of SOUL software.

  7. 10) Open Access systems:- Open access system is used for second and third year students,     teaching   & non-teaching staff.

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