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Department Of Geography


                     Geography was started since the 4th and 5th century as a branch of knowledge on Global level. It is a part of human civilization. It is started in India since 11th century in the form of Astronomy. There are two main branches of geography., one of them is Physical geography and second one is Human geography. Physical geography is related to study of lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and biosphere. Human geography includes the study of relationship between Nature & Man. Environmental Geography was introduced on Global level in 1970. It was started in India after a decade. Now a day's GIS & Remote Sensing, analytical study of GPS, Petrology and Mineralogy  are  challenging branches in geography all over the world.

                     Geography is science, it includes the study of relationship between nature & Man. Previous nature of Geography was purely descriptive. Now a days it is analytical & more scientific. Use of statistical methods, GIS & Remote sensing is already introduced in the department. Today nearly 328 students enrolled their names for geography at general level and 125 at for special level.

                     The department provides educational facilities to the rural and tribal students in this region. The department offers under-graduate courses. In 1978 Geography was started in the college at general level, in the 1981 at special level for under graduate level. Skill development programs such as certificate course in Geographical Information System & Remote Sensing and various co-curricular activities are conducted for enhancing overall progress of students. Department is well equipped with laboratory. Many students from local rural area  are interested to take admission in the department.


  • Dumpy Level

  • Dumpy Level Stand

  • Dumpy Level Staff

  • Indian Clinometers

  • Abney Level

  • Prismatic Compass

  • Prismatic Compass Stand

  • Plane Table

  • Plane Table Stand

  • Ranging Rod

  • Trough Compass

  • Sprit Level

  • U Fork

  • Plumb Bob

  • Alidade

  • Mettle Chain

  • Measuring Tape (50 Meter)

  • Measuring Tape (100 Meter)

  • Arrow

  • Mirror Stereoscope Small

  • Wind Vane

  • Cup Anemometer

  • Pocket Compass Magnetic

  • Wall Thermometer

  • Dry Wet Thermometer

  • Thermometer Maximum

  • Thermometer Minimum

  • Thermometer (Wooden Box)

  • Altimeter Cum Barometer

  • Dry & Wet Thermometer

  • Minimum & Maximum Thermometer

  • Thermometer

  • Model of Sign & Symbol

  • Ocean Feature

  • Conventional Signs

  • Weather Models (U.S.A.)

  • 3 D Relief Model – Plastic India

  • SOI Toposheets

  • Aerial photograph & satellite images

  • Globes

  • Geographical models


  • World Map

  • World Physical Map

  • Geo Physical Map of  Maharashtra

  • United States of America

  • Map of South America

  • Map of North America

  • Map of Africa

  • Map of Asia

  • India Political Map

  • Map of Maharashtra

  • Map of Asia (Physical Maps)

  • Weather Maps (New)

Teaching Staff

Mr. C. P. Gadhe
Assistant Professor 
Teaching Experiance 15 years

Mr. L. M. Valvi
Assistant Professor 
MA. B.Ed. SET, 

Teaching Experiance 02  years

Mr. D. Y Mahajan 
Assistant Professor 
Teaching Experiance 02 years

         Achievements of students in the Department: 

1. Students passed out from the department are well placed in the field of education, administration and GIS companies. Many students are selected in the police department through examination.
2. Many geography students represent college and university in various sports.
3. Students from our department are Qualify NET/SET exam.

         Alumni of Department 
1.Mr.D.Y.Mahajan  (SET Qualify )
2.Mr.A.A.Gadhe  (SET Qualify )
3.Mr.C.P.Gadhe  (NET Qualify)
4.Mr. Ismail Tadavi   (Police Constable)
5.Mr.Vinod Patil  (Teacher)
6.Mr.Shrikant Sapkale  (Teacher)
7.Mr.Akash Sabale  (Pvt Banker )
8.Mr.Dipak Nile  (Advocate)

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