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Department of English

                                              Being the founding department of Shri. V. S. Naik Arts, Commerce and Science College, Raver in 1978, the English department is the keystone of the humanities at college. The college is situated at the verge of Satpura Mountain range. In spite of having a tribal as well rural geographical background of students English department strives to impart basic skills of English language and quality education to enable them to be enough competent at various career opportunities. The Department endeavors to nurture excellence in teaching and literary studies in particular. 

                                              The department offers three years graduation course in BA English affiliated with KBCNMU, Jalgaon. This course comprises Optional English subject at the First Year as an entry level, three subjects related to English Literature at the second and third year of the concerned course along with other two or three general subjects in terms of semester method. The Department is committed to focus on infusing a sense of social responsibility and community life among all its learners. The Department also works towards honing communicative-rhetorical skills, humanist aptitude, and cultural outlook through relevant interventions in English language and literature studies. The Department works to inculcate a spirit of association and collegiality between faculty members and students thus looking to achieve wholesome progress at all levels.

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