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Department of Mathematics

About Department (Mathematics)

                                           In the view point of job opportunity, considering the applicability and need of Mathematics in science and technology The Department of Mathematics is established in the college in 1992.   In this rular area a lot of students have taken the benefits of specialization in Mathematics. Every year many students are going for further education from this Department. From1992 to till date considerable  no. of students are workig as teachers  and lecturers in different institutions. Some students are workig in different departments now a days our student Pritam Patil is selected in TCS. From begining two persons Mr. P V Patil.MSc. MPhil and Mr. V. D. Patil M Sc. MPhil were working as a teacher in the Department. Now on 30 June Mr. P. V. Patil is retired. The Department has tradition of very good result.

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