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Principal Message


      From the inception of this college, the Vision and Mission are to provide an opportunity for education to the communities belonging to this moffisal  area without any discrepancies of Caste, dynasty, and  Religion. 

  We established our institution with the aim after Independence to provide education to our students which cultivates culture, patriotism, and dedication to Nation, and familiarize students with our heritage. Teachers take efforts to inculcate in the curriculum above activities at various bodies of the University to nurture all such qualities among our students.

            To equip students with the technologies, we always emphasize the adoption of advanced technologies for the purpose of teaching, learning, and evaluation. Use of ERP software for online admission, examination, and accounting Management. To equip teachers with the technologies of ERP software various workshops and training sessions are organized.

            It is my prime responsibility to introduce new courses at the post-graduate, degree, and certificate courses levels to develop skills among students. The strength of high skilled students not only increases the opportunities for employability but also helps in the growth of the Nation. The introduction of good projects is to be needed to implement with the help of various agencies for the betterment of society..

            Overall advance planning of coming years with the demands of new trends by making balances with the environment is the need of the time and implementation of such planning could make any institution successful. We are committed to cultivating that generation who will think for the betterment of society and for the nation. 

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