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Department of Politics

         About Deprtment:

                                        Department of Political Science was established at General level in 1978. The department initially had prof. L. N. Ahirrao as a head and now in present Assistant Prof. Mr. S. D. Dhapse is head of the department. From the outset the department has UG (Aided) Programs along with one Add-on course of Human Rights. The department of political science effectively delivers curriculam as provided by the Kavayitri Bahinabai Choudhari North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon. Scholarly lectures are held and relevant study materials are being provided by the faculty member to the students which help the students in preparing for the various exams. The department has consistently maintained good academic success over the years. Students in the department are encouraged to pursue higher studies to enhance their knowledge and compete in various national and state-level competitive examinations. Faculty of the department is engaged in academic activities and co-curricular activities such as Constitution Day, Human Rights Day and Voter Awareness Programme

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