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Department of Botany

                                        The Raver Parisar Shikshan Prasarak Mandal’s established in the year 1978.Initially Arts &Commerce faculty was started but later on to keep pace with the today’s needs there was necessity to introduce Science faculty. This was started in the year 1990.

                                        Botany is a subject that is very close to nature. The love of nature is inborn in mankind.  In addition to this, botany has many social & economic implications. This subject is not only related to advanced technology but also to kitchen of each home. Hence, botany is an important subject in science faculty.

Our Department

Taking into consideration the department of botany was established in 1990 with the beginning of science faculty in the institute. The department has well-established laboratory, which is full of all essential apparatus, instruments & maximum space. The students of botany from F.Y. B.Sc. & S.Y. B.Sc. classes carry out all the experiments framed in university syllabus in the department safely & soundly.

  1. The department organises at least one excursion tour every year from the beginning of the department. This helps the students to broaden their horizon of knowledge & brought them close to the nature. In the central library 300 books, departmental library have about 60textbooks, 18 reference books of the subject The teacher in our department participate in orientation, refresher programmes & syllabus framing workshops conducted by U.G.C at University level.

  2. Aims and Objectives


1.  To study diversity of plants.

2.  To study the scope of subject.

3.  To know the role of plants in human welfare.

4.  To know the importance of interdisciplinary approach of the subject.

5.  To develop the skills among the students.

6.  To know the environment & its protection.

7. To create good citizens

Meet The Team

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