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Department of Zoology

                                     In the science faculty Zoology department was also started in the same year. Initially the department has F. Y. B. Sc. , S. Y. B. Sc. and specialization in Zoology. From the year 2000 due to non availability of work load zoology subject is taught in F. Y. B. Sc. and S. Y. B. Sc.

                                    When the department has started there was only one teacher Mrs. Puranik on honorary basis. The regular appointment was made since 1992 at that time three teachers Mr.A.G.Patil, Mr.S.G.Chinchore and Mr.P.T.Pawar were working. Since there was only two teachers Dr. S.G.Chinchore as a head of the department and Dr.A.G.Patil as a member of zoology department up to 2023. Presently Dr.S.G.Chinchore is working as Head of Department since from 13/08/2022.

  1. Aims and Objectives

  • To create love about Environment &Animal science.

  • To create the awareness about our Natural Resources, their Importance & Utilization.

  • To create the hobbies among the students about birds watching, Insect collection, Nature photography &Fishing.

  • To create awareness about the Acquaintance &Achievement of our Scientist like Charles Darwin, Lamark, Robert Hook, and Mendel’s, Khurana.

  • To motivate the students towards self employment by giving information about fishery, poultry, vermiculture.

  • To create awareness among the student about human pedigree, Genetic abnormalities, Eugenics, Genetic engineering.

  • To create good citizens.

Meet The Team


Educational Qualifications : Msc, M .Phil, PhD.

Experience in Years : 31 years

Member of Senate & Professor

Educational Qualifications : Msc, PhD.

Experience in Years : 31 years

Glimpses of the Department

                                                               Activity of the Department

Number of books and chapters in edited volumes/books published and papers published in national/ international conference proceedings per teacher during last five year



     ∗Chapter in Books   :  

              Dr.S.G.Chinchore : 

                       1. A text book of zoology Study of Leech and  Calotes   T.Y.Bsc  .Prashant publication Jalgaon.


                        2. Nominated as a BOS Member by Vice Chancellor KBCNMU, Jalgaon from 2017-2022

              Dr.A.G.Patil            ;

                         01:  Apractical book of zoology F.Y.Bsc. Prashant publication Jalgaon.


                         02:  Genral embryology .T.Y.Bsc Prashant publication Jalgaon.


                         03:     Medical digonastics Prashant publication Jalgaon.

                         04:        Invertebrate zoology Prashant publication Jalgaon.

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