Hon'ble Chairman

Shri Hemant Devidas Naik

The Empowerment of students for sustainable development    by    imparting     Knowledge,  Information,   Understanding,   Ethics   and Morality through Education in this Mofussial area.

Institution   commits   to   provide   quality education to promote intellectual, social and cultural enthusiasm amongst its learner and their empowerment to become a good citizen  in the emerging knowledge society.

Prof.(Dr.) Paresh Vasantlal Dalal

Hon'ble Principal

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Upcoming Events

NSS Shibhir is organized at Morgaon. Tal. Raver from 28 Dec 2019 to 5Jan 2020

College Level Avishkar is on 20 Dec 2019 

College News

College will begin in 2nd Sem

Regular Period will start

1st online Test of  Sem II 

Due to Corona Virus effect College will be closed till 31st March 2020

University examinations from 17-31st March are postponed till the further notice whereas remaining examination will be continued as per schedule from 1April2020

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PRINCIPAL : Prof.(Dr.) Paresh V. Dalal


CONTACT TIME: 07.00 am-1.00pm


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